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How To Update Eset NOD32

Eset NOD32 offline update

Download Update Eset NOD32 Antivirus
Examples of the download link:
Update date 17 FEBRUARY 2009 (3861) (RAR file)

Attention Download All Files below in order to extract (Read the description below)

1. eset_upd.part1.rar (4:01 MB)
2. eset_upd.part2.rar (4:01 MB)
3. eset_upd.part3.rar (4.01MB)
4. eset_upd.part4.rar (4.01MB)
5. eset_upd.part5.rar (3:41 MB)

Updating your EAV To follow the steps below:

1. Update file is divided in five sections RAR files. Download all the files on the link above.
2. Extract using WINRAR. Make sure your computer has installed WINRAR.
3. Put into five parts of the file has been downloaded in one folder.
4. Right click on the file "eset_upd.part1.rar", then select "Extract here".
5. After the extract will result in the Folder "eset_upd".
6. Copy the folder "eset_upd" into your C Drive.
7. Go to the setup of your EAV
8. Select Menu Update, the update server, then click the edit button
9. Enter the path of the last update folder (step 3) which is "c: \ eset_upd" (without quotation marks).
10. Then click the add button,
11. Press the Ok button
12. Press the OK button on the Windows Setup again.
13. Update your EAV.
14. Done.

* Now File Update EAV is divided in 5 RAR files, so you can easily and quickly when upload it. Easy and fast also when you download it

Hopefully helpful. :D

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